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Tlf: 967 220 977
email: administracion@dolcepecatto.com Facebook Twitter Instagram Issuu

What makes the model Dolce Pecatto

Breadth of product
We offer an assortment of product widest possible to You can complement your store.

Absence of seasonality
Our commercial offer changes constantly so that in winter you can sample a wide range of chocolates and enjoy summer with our delicious homemade ice cream.

Self Service
The business model is offered in customer selfservice, eliminating personnel costs and unnecessary total dependence on employee hours tip.

Safety supplies
Ice Rueda S.L. will be his only provider, which makes ordering remarkably, while having the guaranteed to receive your goods when need, and we control the whole chain business value.

Central Shopping
The great advantage of specialization is that we can get better related costs increased production and purchases. By therefore you benefit from being part of a central purchasing

Artisan Product
Our central workshop produces the product semi-finished and you should only perform the final stage of preparation.

Our company is constantly seeking meet demand and offer new flavors that can only be found at elsewhere.

Project adequacy
One advantage of our stores is its ease of assembly, although he provide the draft decoration and adaptation and visit the works to monitor your progress. works to monitor your progress.

We all corporate materials necessary for the sale and design a plan personalized marketing, which focuses at special times for consumption and as constant promotions products.

Thanks to our business since 1918 we can give all the guidelines do grow your store.

We look for people who feel the same passion us for our product, wanting to running your own business, entrepreneurship and with organizational capacity.

We will help you in finding the best location, negotiating with owners local if necessary.
The franchise has an entry fee € 10,000, which pays for the right to use brand, receive initial training and all attendance at the opening. Said amount is payable once in the life of the contract. Payable once in the life of the contract.

No monthly royalty explotation. this means you will not have to pay us anything have the business. To ensure the proper running of the store you ensure an exclusion zone where no mount another store, either itself or franchisee.

The duration of the franchise agreement is 5 years and may be renewed if both parties are compliant.

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