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Traditional Ice Cream

Our ice creams are made by hand and traditional way, with natural ingredients and obtaining a final product of high quality. In addition, we have a variety of traditional flavors and special ice cream, so that everybody can taste our ice cream.

Ice Drink Concentrated

Iced drink concentrate is served in hermetic bags with 10 litres efficiency, long expiry date and great storage capacity.

Premium Fruit

Product made with stabilized fresh fruit and packed in bottle with non-drip cap. It doesn’t need cold neither in use nor transport and storage. It’s the ideal one to baking, icecreams and iced drinks, milkshakes and juices.


Mojitón is a homemade mojito made with natural products. which makes sure the quality of process and the traceability of used ingredients

Fozen bevarage machines

Fozen bevarage machines model Ugolini news an second hand

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