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Information for Dealers


If you are a distributor of products for hospitality sector, Dolce Pecatto offers quality products for distribution, which will entail high returns.

Dolce Pecatto we focus on the manufacture of three product lines:

  1. Concentrate for the preparation of slush.
  2. Smoothies, natural fruit concentrates.
  3. Preparation of mojito.

The distribution of our products does not need cold chain, so it is not necessary to make any kind of investment for that purpose.

Main business case for the sale of our products:

  • Premium High Quality.
  • Good profit margin for the final settlement.
  • No competition.

Pricing policy.

The price at which you buy our products has a margin under the price published on our website of about 50 %, which offers a wide path for negotiations with the final settlement, but from our company we recommend selling prices related to the value, which will get the profit margins between 25% and 35%. Thus, the establishments will find it attractive to buy our products through the distributor, and you as a distributor get very interesting margins.


Product Purchase Price  PVP On-line 
Sale Price
(obtaining 10 liters of iced) 
6,40 € 11,30 € 9,00 €

In the case of concentrated lemon, following our recommended price, as a distributor you get a benefit of 40% of the price at which purchased our product, and the establishment obtains a discount of 18%, increased the attractiveness and interest of making purchases through you as a distributor.

Following our target prices, we get another business case, the procurement by the establishment of a service for 250cl cost only around 25 cents. Since each service it could sell 2 € or 2.5 €, the returns you get are a huge attraction.

To start the distribution of our products, it would be enough with a purchase of € 160, which will serve to provide samples to potential customers. This purchase will be compensated with 5% rebate on the following product sales.

1000 € lower orders made through our website. For orders over 1000 € check conditions.

From € 60 prepaid. I.V.A. not included in price.

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